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Empower your creativity and healing with our original catalog of music for guided meditation, yoga, and multimedia.

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Meet the composer

Greetings, my name is Phil, ambient music composer and meditation soundscape designer for Jaapi Media. If you're in search of high-quality meditation music to enhance your yoga practice, mindfulness routine, corporate projects, stress relief, guided hypnosis, group meditation events, or even your social media channels, I invite you to explore our full catalog of royalty-free frequency music.

You'll find a wide range of soundscapes recorded in 432 Hz and 528 Hz, which have been positively received by countless people all over the world. You can find many of the releases on most music platforms and meditation apps, under the artist name Anaamaly. I'm thrilled to make them available to you royalty-free, so you can use them in your teachings and practices.

I'm passionate about creating soundscapes that can transport you to a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. I've tried my best to avoid the stereotypical sound of new age and meditation music. Each recording offers a unique journey, infused with specific intentions for healing.

You don't need to purchase our music to enjoy and benefit from it. You can find many of our sound meditations available for free on my YouTube channel. Thanks for visiting my page, it's wonderful to connect with you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. -Phil (Anaamaly Music)

Alternative Healing Frequencies

432 Hz Music

The harmonic tone of nature. 432 Hz resonates with the vibration of Earth of 8 Hz (the Schumann Resonance). Music in this frequency has the ability create deep states of relaxation, helping to unblock stuck energy. Along with many of benefits.

528 Hz Music

The benefits of 528 Hz are truly remarkable. This frequency is known as the "miracle tone" and is believed to have the ability to resonate at the core of your being, bringing balance and harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. Along with many of benefits.

Add Healing Music To Your Projects

Meditation & Yoga

Amplify your guided meditations, hypnosis, and yoga sessions with alternative healing frequencies.

Social Media & Podcasts

Give your audience a boost. High frequency music to compliment the inspiring content you're sharing.

Multimedia & Games

Add depth and interesting sonics to your YouTube, video game or latest film and multimedia projects.

Starting using our music today at no charge.

Here's a handful of pure tones and free meditation music to download and use in your own creations, royalty-free.

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